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I’m Jon Lavoie, a retired Police Officer turned passionate photographer in Whiterock, BC. After a fulfilling career with the VPD, I specialized in fashion photography, notably as the lead photographer for Miss World Canada for four years. My diverse portfolio includes fashion, special events, and the beauty of nature and landscapes.

My camera lens is my guide in creating unique artworks that ignite imagination and emotions. Nature and landscapes hold a special place in my heart, offering endless inspiration. Explore my favorite works and reach out at jonlavoie@telus.net to acquire your favorite pieces.

Thank you for visiting my website; I hope you find joy and inspiration in my visual tales.

Best regards, Jon Lavoie

Captivating Moments Frozen in Time: Unlock the Beauty of Our Captured Visions!

Yes, we offer the option to purchase prints of our stunning photography. You can adorn your living spaces with breathtaking landscapes, captivating wildlife shots, or artistic black-and-white images. Our prints are available in various sizes and formats, allowing you to create a personalized and inspiring atmosphere in your home or office.

We welcome custom photography requests for specific projects or concepts. If you have a unique vision that requires original photography, we can collaborate with our network of talented photographers to bring your ideas to life. Please reach out to us with your project details, and we’ll discuss the feasibility and options for creating custom visual content tailored to your needs.

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